Dinner with Friends - Minimalist Design

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Throw a cosy dinner party to remember for your closest friends, this Dinner Party bundle has everything you need to host a simple and stylish dinner party, ready set, impress 

Each bundle is carefully curated with the items you need to for both function and style, so you have more time to pick recipes (and the guest list)

What's in my bundle?

6x Dinner Plate 6x Starter Plate 6x Soup Bowl
6x Table Knife 6x Table Fork 6x Dessert Spoon
6x Dessert Fork 6x Soup Spoon 6x Tea Spoon
6x Water Glass 6x Wine Glass 1x Candle Holder
1x Vase 6x Napkin


Items Specification

  • White Porcelain Wide Rim Dinner Plate, 27 cm
  • White Porcelain Wide Rim Starter Plate, 25 cm
  • White Porcelain Wide Rim Soup Bowl, 22 cm
  • Windsor Table Knife, Stainless Steel
  • Windsor Table Fork, Stainless Steel
  • Windsor Dessert Spoon, Stainless Steel
  • Windsor Dessert Fork, Stainless Steel
  • Windsor Soup Spoon, Stainless Steel
  • Windsor Tea Spoon, Stainless Steel
  • Toughened Water Glass, 7oz 20cl
  • Riedel 412/15 'O' Riesling/Sauvignon Glass, 37.5cl
  • Geometric Brass Candle Holder
  • Cylinder Glass Bouquet Vase
  • 100% Cotton Napkin, White, 51 x 51 cm