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Dine family-style with your guests using this set of coordinating bowls and utensils perfectly designed for table serving.

Made of super-vetrified porcelain in a timeless white design and together with stainless steel servieware, this set will last for decades to come and the simple design is a welcome addition to any event.

What's in my bundle?

1x Serving Tray 2x Serving Spoon
2x Serving Tong 3x Serving Bowl (2 Sizes)

Items Specification

  • 1x Aluminium Coupe Tray, 28 cm
  • 2x Windsor Serving Spoon, Stainless Steel
  • 2x Leila Serving Tong, Stainless Steel

White Porcelain Bowls

  • Titan Porcelain White Salad Bowl, 16 cm
  • Titan Porcelain White Soft Square Bowl, 18 cm
Black Stoneware Bowls
  • Matte Black Stoneware Serving Bowl, 24 cm
  • Matte Black Stoneware Serving Bowl, 18 cm