Rich Luxe Chair Combo

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Go back to the 1920s with this beautiful Deco Bundle. The Deep red velvet cushion perfectly complements this 50's Art Deco style armchair in navy, the armchairs gold finishes add a touch of luxe and the thick knitted cotton blanket in a deep midnight blue gives you a little touch of drama and extra warmth. 

The perfect place for curling up in and escaping with a great book (and maybe a glass of wine) after a long day. 

Add an extra level of comfort and style to every room, this bundle works perfectly with one of our Bedroom Bundles or as a room feature on its own. 

What's in my bundle?

1x Accent Chair
1x Throw
1x Cushion


Items Specification

  • GLAMORÖS Armchair, Electric Navy Velvet - 65 x 77 x 83 cm
  • Plaid, Solid, Blue/Black - 130 x 170 cm
  • Velvet Cushion, Burnt Henna - 50 x 50 cm