Men’s Bedroom Essentials you just can’t be without

The bedroom – the one room that really has to have it all. And what point is there in calling yourself a man if your bedroom looks more like that of a disheveled ‘student man-cave’?

Here are some essentials that a ‘man’ absolutely must have in his bedroom:

Alarm Clock

Probably not very high on your list of men’s bedroom essentials, but this can be a mistake. A man’s got to go places and meet people. He needs to stay on schedule. And yes, we know your phone already has an alarm clock, but what if you forget to charge the battery? Or what if you leave it behind somewhere in a rush?

Full-length Mirror

This is an absolute must-have when it comes to bedroom essentials. You may go by feel and mood to get yourself believing that you look great – but you’ll never really, truly know unless you see yourself from head to toe in a mirror. The bathroom cabinet works – sure – but investing in a full-length mirror has its perks.

Intellect-boosting books

How did this end up on the men’s bedroom essentials list, you might wonder? Think along the lines of Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, George Orwell, etc. You get the idea. Time to clear out all those ‘lad bibles’ and boy mags, and invest in some real quality reading material.

Wall Artwork

Speaking of intellect and bedroom essentials, no man should have bland-looking walls because, well, it’s somewhat strange. Plus, elegant artwork can further enhance your room’s vibe.