10 Ways to Create A Mindful Home that Prioritizes Self-Care

The interior decor you choose for your home has more than the power to make it aesthetically pleasing, it also impacts your happiness, health, and everyday living. Yet, we often find ourselves concentrating on mimicking that amazing bedroom we saw on Pinterest while giving little to no thought if it's colour palette aligns with how we want our bedroom to feel. While inspiration is great—and highly encouraged—this approach is missing out on some key elements that can elevate your home into a space that prioritizes self-care and well-being.

By learning how to tend to your home and its decor more mindfully, you can ultimately create a healthy home that you love—one that is even better than that Pinterest bedroom! Here’s how:


1. Take A Minimalist Approach

Contemporary design tends to lean toward a minimalist look and maybe you should too. Did you know that clutter not only dramatically impacts the aesthetic of a room, but it also affects how you feel while in it? As a general rule of thumb: Less stuff=less stress.

How To: Try the Minimalist Bedroom Bundle, which is a simple and headache-free way to embrace minimalist style in the bedroom. As far as what you already own, only hold on to the things that you need or that bring you joy—do away with the rest. Want to do even more good? Be sure to donate the stuff you no longer want. It may be just what someone else needs to put a smile on their face!


2. Make Room for Passion

Carve out a physical space in your home and dedicate it to a hobby that you enjoy. Whether this is painting, writing, working out, meditating, or simply indulging in a good book, this should be a spot that allows you to take a step back from the chaos of everyday life, recharge your batteries, and enjoy some quiet time doing something you love—ideally technology-free. The great news is you don’t need a lot of room to do this, even a small corner designed to accommodate your passion will suffice.

How To: Create an area where your hobby supplies are easily accessible and even artfully displayed. While it may be tempting to stash everything away in a drawer, try to keep a few key pieces insight to help encourage and remind you to use the space. This can also help infuse your home with a bit of your personality!  After a bit of use and time, you may find your brain associates this space with happiness, therefore instantly making you feel joyful within that area and even more encouraged to use it.


 3. Create Comfort


The Danish concept of Hygge—a method that focuses on cosiness and happiness— has been floating around mainstream media for a few years now. It is an excellent concept to try to cultivate if you are feeling a bit directionless on how to create more space for self-care in your home or if you just want to feel more at ease.

How To: Look for simple changes that offer big comfort. These may include adding some plush throw pillows on your bed, a few candles around the house, a large throw blanket on the couch, or an accent rug. The Artisan Bedroom Bundle can be a great choice for this as it includes accent pillows, a throw blanket, baskets to tuck away clutter, and even a heavenly scented soy wax candle!


4. Clean Smart, Clean Less

We aren’t saying to let your dishes pile up or to allow your laundry pile to become a mountain, but if you have a hard time slowing down because of the endless chores you spot walking through your front door, then it may be time to re-evaluate your cleaning habits and storage solutions

How To: If you have a type-A personality and need to clean a mess when you see one, consider a hamper that hides away laundry, storage baskets to keep odds and ends out of sight, or use the first tip on our list to reduce clutter—less stuff also equals less cleaning! You may also want to streamline your cleaning routine by thinking of what you dislike most about tidying up and looking for ways to change that. Hate seeing cat fur tumbleweeds rolling across your floor constantly? Consider a robotic vacuum to help keep floors fur-free. Or maybe you always begrudgingly scrub the bathroom grout that never looks clean anyway? Look to solutions like re-grouting or even grout paint pens to save you time and stress in the future.


5. Encourage Pampering


On social media, we see a flood of posts with facemasks and bubble baths with the hashtag #selfcare, and while self-care goes beyond just taking care of yourself in a physical manner, don’t shoot down the power of a good pampering session.

How To: Try organizing your bathroom in a way that puts your self-care products in reach, such as using a few gold baskets like those found in the Artisan Bedroom Bundle. Because let’s face it, there is nothing relaxing about digging through a pile of products to find a face mask! Beyond being organized, you can take this one step further by designing your bathroom in a way that is reminiscent of a spa. Think soft cool colours, a few plants, a diffuser with a bit of essential oil, a couple of plush towels on display, and maybe even a painting or photo depicting a scene that puts you at ease.


6. Carefully Consider Colour

The colours in your home have a major impact on not just the look, but also the feel of the space. While cool pastel tones in the blue and green family are excellent for relaxation, don’t rule out brighter pops of colour like yellow if you constantly find yourself in need of a little energy.

How To: Think of how you want to feel in a room—whether that is relaxed, energized, inspired, or all of the above—and then go for a colour palette that supports that goal.


 7. Use Plant Power

Potted plants are affordable on virtually any budget and they can work within any space, even if there isn’t a lot of natural light. Plants not only have the power to filter harmful chemicals out of the air that commonly off-gas from furniture and cleaning supplies, but their aesthetic can help ground a room in nature and lower stress.

How To: A setup like the Botanical Bedroom Bundle can help you kickstart a nature grounded aesthetic. Want to incorporate plants but happen to be a chronic plant killer? Opt for easy to care for varieties like aloe vera, snake plants, and umbrella trees. Have pets? Make sure that you pick plants that are safe for your fur babies, like spider plants, peperomias, and cat palms.


8. Embrace Natural Light

Natural light not only helps us create serotonin—one of the brain chemicals responsible for happiness—but it can also help keep your body’s natural rhythm in check, also known as your circadian rhythm. Why is this important? This can help you sleep better at night, as well as feel more energetic during the day—and who doesn’t need that!

How To: Be sure to open the window coverings in your home daily to let in natural light or opt for sheer curtains that still let plenty of sunshine in, but filter the light to be a bit softer. In places where winter brings cloudy days or in areas that don’t receive much sun in general, look toward lighting solutions that mimic the sun’s rays. This could mean simply switching out your bulbs to the daylight variety if you are looking for a boost of energy or swapping to a lighting system that uses different colours of light throughout the day to sync with your circadian rhythm.


9. Indulge your Senses


Great home design doesn’t just rely on sight, and neither does a design rooted in well-being. Your home should appeal to all of your senses, so look to simple ways to make your home a multi-sensory experience that aids your happiness.

How To: This could mean using candles, essential oils, incense, or baking to fill your house with calming or sweet aromas. Playing music that you love or even indulging in a soundtrack of nature sounds to encourage relaxation. Using a variety of textiles throughout your home to invoke a feeling of cosiness and warmth. And finally, to get those taste buds going, treat yourself to your favourite meal or dessert once in a while.


10. Infuse your Personal Style 

Finally, one of the easiest ways to encourage a few smiles in your home is to add a few personal touches. The fact that this method can also take your space from mediocre to awe-inspiring, well, that’s the icing on the cake!

How To: This could be as small as a few select personal photos displayed throughout a room or maybe a bit more outside-the-box like framing a map from one of your travels or prominently displaying a family heirloom. Not only does this infuse personality into your home, but it can also be quite the mood booster to be surrounded by belongings that reflect your history and past happiness.


Selfcare and well-being starts on the home front and by taking a few steps to utilize your home as a wellness tool, you will ultimately create a space that not only you love, but that also encourages self-care. Whether you choose to implement just a few of our tips or all 10, your home, its style, and your mental well-being will thank you!